How To create a free website – earn money online

How To create a free website – earn money online

Do you ever think of creating your own website? Well, if you use the Internet you probably know that there are millions of blogs/websites online. When you search something on Google, Google shows the most relevant result from different websites. When you open any of the websites you see a lot of Ads there.

This is how bloggers earn from their blogs by showing advertisements. The advertisement is not the only way to earn from a blog. There are many more methods like affiliate marketing.
Create free website
Are you thinking of creating a website? If yes, then this article is for you.
Before getting started I wanna make one thing clear that You can be successful in blogging only if you have patience, determination, passion and time.
Choose your niche/topic/category according to your interest and in which you can write good quality and quantity stuff. Never do copy paste because Google may de-index your blog or mark your blog as Spam.
If you work smartly you can even earn 5000$-6000$ easily in a month. But it requires time and passion.
So let’s go to ‘Creating a website’.

There are many websites which allow you to create a website with a subdomain for free.
Two main websites ruling the world is Blogger and WordPress. If you are a newbie, I would recommend Blogger for you because it is easy to use and Google owns it.

steps to create a Free Website on Blogger.

1. Create a Gmail account.
2. Open
3. Click on create a blog.
4. Choose the Name of your blog.
5. Choose your desired web address. e.g (
6. Write a description of your blog.
7. Choose the Template. 
8. You’re Done.

You can customize according to your needs. Contact me if you face any problem.

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