Track Facebook Profile Visitors

Track Facebook Profile Visitors 

Here I Have something Amazing that Now  You are Able to Track Facebook Profile Visitors without any software Easily by a Simple Facebook Trick. There is not a Facebook Feature and Offered by Facebook. You can Get and all the List of the Facebook Profiles who visit on your Facebook profile. On Facebook, Every User wants to See that Who is Secretly view their Profile. So, That why we share this Crazy Facebook Tricks to Track Profile Visitor.

  1. Log in your Facebook Account.
  2. By Default you are on Facebook Home Page But If you are not Go to Facebook Home.
  3. Press CTRL+U and a New Window Open Where you see the Source Code of Facebook Page or You can also Do it By Right Click >> Open Source Code.
  4. Now Press CTRL+F and Search for this InitialChatFriendsList and You will see that Many Profile ID’s starting with 1000 is the Facebook Profile ids. You can Pick up any ID to see who is visit your Profile. In Below Picture You see that there are many People who View Facebook Profiles Secretly.
  5. Use These Profile ID’s like and Paste in Browser URL and See People who Watching you.
  6. These all are Facebook Profile IDs who is Visiting your Facebook Profile.
  7. Now you need to Pick Each of Profile Code and use this Process Again and Again. This is Little Complicated but 100% Working Trick.

Officially Facebook not Want that a User enables to see who is visited on Their Facebook Profile. But Geeks are Find a Way to Reveal your Facebook Profile Visitor. It is amazing Facebook Trick. 

This is the best and Simple Way to Track Facebook Profile Visitor. If You have any Type of Doubt about this Article So Please Leave your Comment below we Solve Your Issue as Soon as Possible. Stay Tune to Getting Latest Internet and Social Media Tips and Tricks and Explore New on the Internet Every day. If You have any Problem with this Article Just Comment it Below. We Fix your Problem as Soon as Possible. Please Leave Your Feedback in Comment. This will help us to Improve our Content Quality Over the Internet.

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