20 Sites that Pay You to Blog

50 Sites that Pay You to Blog

Do you want to earn money? Is your job is not sufficient to fulfil your dreams or you have the hobby of writing? Well in any case, blogging would help you. Blogging has been increasing day by day. A lot of people are earning a good amount of money be contributing articles to different blogs. If you don’t have enough time to start the blog, still blogging gives you an opportunity to earn a handsome amount of money by contributing articles.

I am  providing you the list of 20 websites that will pay you for your content. This would surely help you to earn good money. Let’s have a look at the websites

1. Income Diary

Income Diary is one of the largest website with almost 100,000 visitors per month. Here you can write articles and get them published by your own name and bio that will be sent to thousands of readers via mailing list and social media accounts.

You can easily earn $50 – $200 per post by the PayPal payment method. Income Diary accepts articles related to making online money or building an online business. You can write about social media, getting traffic, web design, conversion optimization or anything related to it.

2. Funny Times

Funny Times is blessed with more than 65,000 loyal subscribers. It is 100% independent and not controlled by any corporation. You can submit articles about the topics which pokes fun at many major topics as long as it is humor including articles on business, religion or politics. You can easily earn $60 for each post submitted.

3. Bird Channel.com

Bird Channel is one of the top website for bird lovers. It is one of the largest bird’s websites. Bird Channel has hundreds of thousands visitors every month. This is just the best place to get the information about latest fashion, news, information about birds.

This website accepts submission of post from freelance writers. You can easily earn $100 -$400 for each post.

4. A Fine Parent

A Fine Parent is an online community for parents which pays around $100 – $300 for each post. The payment method is PayPal. You can write articles about parenting and earn $100. If your article gains popularity  then you will get a bonus of around $200.

5. YourOnline.biz

This is one of the most websites that allow you to contribute articles on business related topics. You will get the payment via PayPal at the end of month. You can earn up to $100 for each article once they accept it for their publiction YourOnline.biz

6. InstantShift

InstantShift allows you to write articles associated to programming and design. The amount of money for each article is decided by the quality and volume of your content. You can earn handsome amount of money for a top-quality article.

7. iWriter

iWriter is one of the best websites that invites thousands of writer for content writing. This website allows you to select the topics that you want to write and number of articles that you are able to write on daily basis. This website allows you to write as per your schedule. You can easily earn up to $16 for each article.

8. HubPages

HubPages is a quiet popular website that gains a lot of traffic.  You can write articles in order to get the audience attention. You can write articles with words 700+. Your article must be well written and free from grammatical and spelling errors in order to get approved by HubPages.

9. International Living

International Living is one of the most popular websites that uncovers the most desirable and cheapest retirement heavens on earth. You can earn $400 for each post on the living and saving when retiring in a country except U.S.A. You will get paid upon publication.

10. American College of Health Care Sciences Blog

This blog allows you to write articles regarding healthcare. You can earn $50 per post by contributing 600 to 1000 words article on different health care topics. This blog also gives full credit to your posts.

11. Back to College

Back to College is one of the best news and informative resource for adult re-entry students pursuing professional development or advanced degree. You can write articles for older students about education.

You can earn $65 – $125 for article approximately 1,000 – 1,500 in words. You will get the payment after 30 days via PayPal or Check.

12. Developer Tutorials

Developer Tutorials is one of the most popular programming and web design blog. You can make $30 – $50 for each article and $50 – $100 for each tutorial. This website gives you a chance to expose your work to thousands of people by building your portfolio. You can write anything related to programming and web design.

13. WritersWeekly

WritersWeekly is an online publication that pays you around $40 – $60 for each article. You must submit article of word length 600. This is all about how to make money online by doing things that you love. This is distributed to paying subscribers.


14. Be a Freelance Blogger

This is one of the most popular blogs that share useful resources, valuable tips and guests posting opportunities for bloggers in order to earn a high living from writing. You can submit article with word limit 500 words and you will be paid $50 for each post. This website also allows you to have a link about your bio.

A contest is held six times in a year that gives a chance to guest blogger to win $100 for their post. This contest is judged on outlines.

15. Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure accepts articles from freelance writers. It is one of the most visited websites with a huge amount of traffic. You can write articles about travelling. You can earn up to $1000 per article. Payment will be agreed only after assigning of an article.

16. Transition Abroad

Transition Abroad is one of the top ranked websites. Transition Abroad allows you to write articles about travel, living, study and work. You can earn $50 – $ 150 per article depending on the quality of content of your submitted article. Payment is done via PayPal or Check. After the acceptance of your article, you will get paid.

17. Budget Travel

Budget Travel is one of the best websites that pay you to write articles for them. It is one of the ultimate resources of world’s sawiest travellers. Budget Travels allows submission from freelance writers.

You can write anything related to travelling. You can earn good money for $0.50 – $1 per word. It depends upon the length of your article.

18. Crazy Leaf

Crazy Leaf is one of the best websites which helps you to show your skills among thousands of people. This website accepts articles on design including Tutorials, graphic design, web design, print design, programming, vectorial photography, design inspiration. Once your article is published, you will get paid through PayPal.

19. Metro Parent

Metro Parent is a parent magazine that allows you to contribute article related to parenting. You can earn up to $30 – $50 for short articles and up to $350 for the accepted and published article. The payment will be made via Check upon publication.

20. Change Agent

The Change Agent is a popular Adult Education publication which pays $50 for each contributed article. Your article must have word limit from 250 to 1000 words and you will earn the same amount as long as your article is accepted.

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