Best WhatsApp Tricks & Hacks 2017 | WhatsApp Tips & Tricks 2017

Best WhatsApp Tricks & Hacks 2017

Best WhatsApp Tricks 2017 – WhatsApp is one of the giant messaging app used on almost all types of Smartphones and many of people still don’t know their features yet so guys in this post we offer you can all Best WhatsApp Tricks & Hacks 2017 that you can use to increase you knowledge about to how to effectively use WhatsApp in our daily life. People are searching on the internet for best WhatsApp tricks 2017, how to hack Whatsapp, how to download WhatsApp, how to tutorials about WhatsApp So, don’t worry about it. Here, you can get all WhatsApp trick and hacks 2017. Whatsapp is raising popularity day by day so it is very important to aware about WhatsApp features and WhatsApp tips & tricks. There are still some of the hidden features that individual people not aware about and not use as well.

    We Sort out some of Best Whatsapp Hacks and tricks that you must need to know. If You search on Google about WhatsApp tricks you can found approx. one million of the result but most of them post same tricks that are usually found so guys here we compile some best WhatsApp tricks and tutorials that many people won’t able to found on google.

    Ethically Hack Friend’s WhatsApp Account:

    There is another hacking trick about Whatsapp that you can hack your friends WhatsApp by using WhatsApp web. Like you just sign on your computer and not logged out and when your friend is connected to the internet and you can easily open their Whatsapp account in your computer until he opens somewhere else.
    You just need to trick your friend and open that WhatsApp web into your PC and sign in using the trick and you easily made out. This hacking trick is only for educational purpose so if you are going to hack your friends WhatsApp account so give it back to him cause it is illegal too.

    Term and conditions to Hack WhatsApp Account :

    1. Your Pc and victim phone must be connected to the same network. without this, you can’t read their messages.
    2. You have to take victim phone for few minutes.
    3. After doing first two steps you will use victim’s phone when he/she connected to your network.

    Note – If he/she re-install his WhatsApp then you can’t use his/her WhatsApp app account.
    Firstly open chrome browser or any other browser and type

    1. Now take the victim’s phone for few mint and open their WhatsApp.
    2. Go to victim WhatsApp Menu >> Whatsapp Web.
    3. Scan QR code which you are open in the first step.
    4. You Done, Now you use victim WhatsApp on you PC.
    This is the easiest way to use someone’s WhatsApp account on PC. After doing all step you will easily read victim chat, contacts, and new chat updates also. In case you face any problem regarding this article, feel free and comment on below comment section.

    Hack WhatsApp Account with Mac Address:

    There are many of WhatsApp hacking tutorials around us but none of them working cause people just post fake things that you can hack WhatsApp with software and thing. These all are shit you can hack WhatsApp in real. We have posted one WhatsApp mac spoofing trick from which you can spoof and change your smartphone MAC into same and receive same messages that your victim receive. This hacking trick is fully working and tested. If you implement all steps carefully you can hack it easily.

    Steps to Hack Whatsapp account with Mac address :

    By following below steps you can easily hack and use your friends or some others WhatsApp account. There is three popular method for hacking Whatsapp account. We already discuss one method in our previous post and second method we will discuss in this article, For the third method you need to pay some money so we can’t discuss the third method in this article. We discuss only second method because of it free and workable, so let’s start.

    Firstly go to play store, search Whatsapp messenger and uninstall Whatsapp from your device. Make sure you that your Whatsapp account will completely uninstall from your android device.

    Note – If you are worried about your Whatsapp account so doesn’t worry about it, you can easily reinstall your Whatsapp account whenever you want.
    Get the victim’s android phone which you want to access. You need the victim;s phone for few mints for the hacking process.
    We don’t know which OS platform is victim use. So below we give you all smartphone platform, with these you will easily find MAC Address from victim;s phone.
    Android : Go to the setting > About phone > wifi MAC address
    Iphone : Go to Setting > General > About > MAC Address.
    Window Phone : Go to Setting > About > More Info > MAC address

    Blackberry : Option > Go to Device >Device and Status Info > WLAN MAC

    After finding a MAC address, you have to save MAC address on the paper or where you want. Make sure you save right MAC address.

    Get your mac address of your smartphone and save it for future when you want to access your own Whatsapp account.

    Now you need to spoofing your Mac address. Spoofing is allowed your mobile to look like as victim’s phone. After spoofing you will access Whatsapp account but not your’s. You will access victim’s Whatsapp account.
    By spoofing app, you can easily change your MAC address. After installed spoofing app you have to change your MAC address with victim phone’s MAC address.
    Spoofing app for android user

    BusyBox, Terminal Emulator

    Spoofing app for iPhone user

    Mac Daddy X, Wifi Spoof

    After Spoofing MAC address and Installing Whatsapp Messenger on your device, you can easily access victim’s Whatsapp account just follow a few more steps.

    • Open Whatsapp messenger and enter victim’s mobile number.
    • Now take victim’s phone for few second because after entered victim’s number, you have to get Whatsapp confirmation code from victim’s phone.
    • After getting code fill it into Whatsapp on your phone and delete confirmation message from victim;s phone.
    Now you have successfully hacked victim’s Whatsapp account. I hope, you have enjoyed this article. In case you’ll face any problem regarding this article so don;t be shy feel free and comment on below comment box. We will solve your problem as soon as possible.

      Get WhatsApp Video Calling Feature:

      Whatsapp recently launched their cool and amazing feature that many people really want to that its video calling. In previous you just to become the tester to get video calling features but now you can easily get this video calling feature in all types of WhatsApp versions.

        You don’t have to do anything for getting video calling feature for your WhatsApp, only you have to do is to update your WhatsApp app to a new version of Whatsapp messenger app.
        1. Go to Google Play store .
        2. Search Whatsapp in a search bar.
        3. Open Whatsapp app option.
        4. You’ll see update option there, Update your WhatsApp app.
        Now you can use Whatsapp video calling feature and can do video calling with your friends and family. If you are getting problem or errors while doing the video call, first check your internet connection but if it is working well then you have to download Whatsapp beta version which basically uses for testing purpose and have latest features.

        How to Send Fake Location On WhatsApp?

        On Whatsapp now you can also send a fake location to spoof your friends and family. You just need a little trick that you can use it on your WhatsApp. You need to use third party app to do this whatsapp trick. Download and install Fake GPS and change your location and send whatsapp location to your friend or family they think you are at the right place but actually you successfully fool people around your with this trick.
        Before proceed you need to Download Fake GPS app from google play store. After download installed it on your device, without this software you can’t send fake location on WhatsApp.
        Once you download and installed Fake GPS app on your device, you need to enable developer option of your device. Because in developer option, you will see some new options which are very helpful for this trick.

        Note – If you don’t know how to enable developer option then see.
        Go to Setting >> About Phone >> Tab 7 times on Build number.
        After enabling developer option, you will see Developer option just below of About Phone option. Enter on it and you will see some new option and a mock location is one of them. now, you need to allow the mock location of your device.
        Now open Fake GPS app from your phone and search location which you want to share with others on WhatsApp. Once you choose the location to click on a set location.
        Now your device is fully ready to send fake location on WhatsApp. Open your WhatsApp then choose any one friend and send him your location.

        Note – Once you did first fourth steps, you will be able to send fake location with any app, not only with WhatsApp.

        How to Backup WhatsApp Messages with Google Drive?

        If You are using WhatsApp for business use or some kind of important work so you must have to make the backup of your WhatsApp chat and all. Previously WhatsApp offers some of best features related to a cloud that you can use Google drive to directly save your WhatsApp backup on google drive. you can also delete by going to google drive.
        1. Firstly Open your WhatsApp account and go to a top right corner and click on three dots. now you see the drop down menu.
        2. Click on the last option “Settings” and then you see the WhatsApp main settings page. Tap on “Chat” Option.
        3. Now it will open all chat settings now you can see the “Chat Backup” option just click on it.
        4. In Chat backup you can check out your chat backup history that when the last time your backup is taken with time also.
        5. Now Click on “Backup to Google Drive” and the small pop-up box will open where you need to choose time after which you want to take WhatsApp chat backup like daily, weekly or monthly basis.
        6. Now you successfully backup your WhatsApp chat to google drive.

        How to Download WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive?

        many of People search on the internet that how to download WhatsApp backup on the computer.But guys, WhatsApp have some encryption that only stores backup in a hidden folder of google drive. You can only delete or restore it on the same device or on the same phone number. Otherwise, you can access WhatsApp backup via google drive.
        1. Firstly Go to ( and login in your Google drive account. where you save your all files. If you are on phone so switch mobile view to desktop view to see all options of the google drive. You can do so by clicking on the Menu Button found at the top left and tapping on use “Desktop Version”.
        2. After logged in your google drive account you see the small gear icon at the top right side. just click on that and click “Settings”.
        3. Now, a pop up box show on your screen and by default it is on “General” tab just click on “Managing Apps”.
        4. Then you can see the Apps that connected to Google drive, Whatsapp Messenger is on the last of the list.
        5. Click on “Option” and there are only two option “Disconnect from drive” and “Delete Hidden App Data”.
        6. Choose your desired Option to complete the task.

        NOTE : There are no way to see the whatsapp hidden app data in google drive so guys, if you want can see the those Download WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive you need same device and phone number to restore that backup. WhatsApp is one of the popular service so they have their concern about security so they won’t allow you to see the Hidden app data that they saved in google drive. There are many WhatsApp Tricks & Hacks that many people not aware about it so guys that’s why we share deep web information here.

        How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Account on Android Phone?

        This one is the most trending post who are interested in running dual WhatsApp on their android smartphone. You can now use two WhatsApp accounts on one android device by installing WhatsApp alternative like GB Whatsapp. You can found steps to use dual WhatsApp on the same device.

        Steps to Run Multiple WhatsApp Account on Android Phone:

        GB WhastApp is not the Official WhastApp So Make Backup Before Trying to Use Dual WhatsApp on your Android Device. Check Out Below Steps to run Multiple WhatsApp on your Android Phone.
        1. Open Your WhatsApp Messenger >> Settings >> Chats and Calls.
        2. Then Click on “Chat Backup” and you can see Backup Options Like Internal Storage, Google Drive. You need to Click on Green Backup Button and it will Start Uploading your Backup to your Google Drive.
        3. Now Download GB WhatsApp APK File [ Download Link ]
        4. Install GB WhatsApp on your Android Phone like other APK’s.
        5. Further Steps are Similar like Official WhastApp. Just Enter Your Mobile Number and Shortly you will Receive a Code in Text Message.
        6. Enter it and You are Verified after entering that Text Message Code.
        7. Now Use Dual WhatsApp on Single Android Phone. This Trick is working for all types of Android Smartphones and any Android Device.

        Features of GB WhatsApp:

        • No Root Needed.
        • No Error like Og Whatsapp.
        • Hide Last Seen like Whatsapp Plus
        • Hide Blue Tick, Second Tick, Typing for Chat, Groups
        • Updated Calling Feature.
        • Share Big Files with Less limit
        • How to Hiding WhatsApp Online Status, Last Seen & Profile Picture? [2017]

        • These are the also sort of best features that WhatsApp users really need like you can now hide last seen, profile picture and online status of your WhatsApp account. But you can hide last seen then you not able to see other people last seen sp use these features effectively.
          1. Open WhatsApp Messenger in your Smartphone. Go to Settings from Right Top Corner.
          2. Then Go to Account Tab >> Privacy.
          3. Under the “Who can see my personal info” Tab you can see Three Options about Last Seen, Profile Photo and Status.
          4. You can Manually set it to Nobody and Then nobody can see Your WhatsApp Online Status, Last Seen & Profile Picture.
          5. Repeat this Step for These Three Options of Last Seen, Online Status and Profile Picture.

          How To Run WhatsApp and Any App On College Wi-Fi?

          Most of the school, colleges and workplaces don’t allow students or employee to use WhatsApp so guys, here is the best solution to this problem. You just need to follow some of the simple steps and install small VPN app and you enjoy WhatsApp on their college wifi easily.
          1. Firstly, Download DotVPN – Better than VPN App from Google Play Store ( Here ).
          2. Now when your Enter the Details It automatically Connected to Proxy Servers.
          3. After Downloading this App They ask you to Sign up for it. Just Sign up.
          4. It also Offers a new User to 7 Day Free Turbo Speed Trail.
          5. You can Change your Country Location by Tap the Bottom Button.
          6. Please Wait when it is in Progress to Changing your Location.
          7. When It Turns into Blue Screen It means it is Successfully Connected.
          8. Now you can Easily Access WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Viber and any Other Social Apps through your College Wi-Fi.

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