Biggest Differences Between Google Maps And Google Earth

Biggest Differences Between Google Maps And Google Earth

While Google Earth can take you on a virtual tour of different wonderful locations on the earth, Google Maps, on the other hand, was created to cater practical requirements of the users.
You’ll be surprised to understand that Google Earth came into existence four years. In fact, both Earth and Maps are although, they are owned by Google, made from scratch by Google.
While Google Earth was originally called Earth Viewer 3D, created by a CIA-funded business called Keyhole, Inc. which was acquired by Google in 2004.

  Google maps vs Google Earth
Google maps vs Google Earth

Because Google Maps also includes a satellite view, for a moment during my childhood, I even doubted the presence of Google Earth. In reality, both Earth and Maps reveal the exact same satellite images. But nevertheless, there are several considerable differences between both.

1. Google Maps is more local

As you may already be understanding, Google Maps is very famous for the features like turn-by-turn navigation, real-time traffic info (Read: How Google Maps reveals traffic), transportation system programs, etc. Based on your place, Google Maps can show you nearby restaurants, attractions, petrol stations, etc.

2. Share where you are in Google Maps

A recent update to Google Maps allows users to always share their place using their smartphone. This means a friend of yours would be capable of tracking your movements in the Google Maps program.

3. Google Maps tracks place history

Google monitors location history of the users that will be used to power a characteristic called Timeline. It gives a comprehensive insight into the daily activities as well as places visited. For instance, walking, driving, seeing a marketplace, etc.

4. Head to Mars and Moon

Google Maps even allows you to explore other bodies in our solar system. Now, the list includes Mars and Moon. It will give a rough idea concerning the top and also the names of the place known to the mankind, although the imagery is not as detailed.
Essentially, Google Earth might be presumed as a subset of Google Maps thought towards encounter rather than being a utility. A new addition to World is Knowledge Cards for areas you land on the globe that is virtual. Clicking a card opens a committed page.
A great emphasis was given to the 3D content. There is no noticeable difference involving the 3D satellite images on Google Earth and Google Maps. But if you zoom in, Earth doesn’t supply many details about roads and places. Clearly, it isn’t made for that function. But you may get a detailed view of the location by selecting the Map Fashion Everything.
The new update has brought to Google Earth a characteristic known as Voyager which includes hand-picked locations to choose virtual tours in the sort of map-based stories. Voyager is quite an attraction alone. A component of the Voyager is referred to as Earth View, the alternative combines high-quality landscape pictures of spots that are random.

5. Google Earth has “I’ m Feeling Lucky” button

Google Earth now features the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button you find on Google Search (Read more concerning the button here). Clicking the button takes you to any arbitrary place over the world. To get a specific area, an advice card leading to some dedicated page described more information is now shown by Google Earth.
Google Earth can monitor your location utilizing your IP address or your cellphone’s GPS processor when browsing from a desktop. However, unlike Google Maps, it doesn’t keep the record of the locations you see. Also, the place bookmarks you add to the My Places section are saved on the device itself. These can be exported as KMZ or KML files.

When you have t Use Google Maps, Google Earth?

The complete point of Google Earth is seeing different locations nearly in 3D without much distraction. Earth could be inferior to Maps with regard to features but it’s its own intent. Additionally, significant changes have been made by Google in the type of the Voyager attribute.

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