.DOC File vs.DOCX File and What’s The Variation? Which One Should I Use?

.DOC File vs.DOCX File and What’s The Variation? Which One Should I Use?

DOCX and DOC are two-term document formats that are most common. Created by Microsoft, both are supported by almost all word-processing computer software. DOCX, where X stands for XML, is newer and outcomes in documents that are smaller and lighter. DOCX ensures that all of the formatting and advanced features are supported by third-party software.


Along with pdf-format, the document formats that are most commonly used are DOCX and DOC. You should be agreeing with me, should you deal with lots of files frequently. These two are extensions in Microsoft Word documents, plus they are able to be used to store images, dining table, text that is formatted and so on.

But, what’s the difference between a DOC and DOCX file? In this article, I’ll be explaining this distinction and evaluate them.

.DOC File vs.DOCX File and What’s the difference?

Since a long time, Microsoft Word has utilized DOCUMENT as its default file type. DOC was used since the release of Word for MS-DOS. Till 2006, when Microsoft opened DOC specifications, Phrase was a proprietary format. Within the years, DOC requirements that were up-to-date were released for use in other document processors.

DOC has now been included in many free and paid document processing applications like LibreOffice Writer, OpenOffice Writer, Kingsoft Author, etc. You can use these programs to open DOC files and edit them. Google Docs also has an option to add DOC documents and execute steps that are necessary.

Microsoft developed Docx format to DOCUMENT as a successor. In the Phrase, 2007 update, the default extension of files was transformed to DOCX. It was done due to increasing opposition from free and open-source formats like Open Office and ODF.

In DOCX, the work for DOCX was completed in XML, ergo the X in DOCX. The new coding also authorized it to support advanced functions.

DOCX, which was a result of the specifications presented under the name Office Open XML, brought improvements like smaller file sizes. This change also paved way like PPTX and XLSX to formats.

Converting DOCUMENT file to DOCX

The same may be said to DOCUMENT transformation for DOCX. This difficulty comes when someone’s using Word 2003 or before. For the reason that case, you need to open DOCX file in Word 2007 or later (or some other appropriate system) and save it in DOC format.

For older variations of Word, Microsoft h-AS also released a compatibility pack that may be installed to bring DOCX support.

Which one should I use? DOC or DOCX?

Today, DOCUMENT vs DOCX concern isn’t much difficult. Almost all applications support both these document formats. DOCX is a better alternative as it results in quality that is lighter and smaller. These documents are more easy transfer and to study. As it’s centered on Off Ice Open XML regular, all word processor software support all sophisticated features. Many PC software is gradually dropping the option to save lots of documents in DOC format.

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