Download Instagram Videos onto your PC / Computer / MAC

Download Instagram Videos onto your PC / Computer / MAC ?

If you are here looking to know “How to Download Instagram Videos onto your PC, Computer, MAC or iPhones?” So, guys, you are the n right place here we show best ways to download Instagram videos on computer PC, MAC or other Apple Devices like iPhones. We can also provide a video on how to download Instagram video on the computer.
Instagram is usually used to post photos and videos and now becoming the most used image sharing network on the internet. Like facebook now everybody has an Instagram account where they post stylish pictures, swag images, and post videos too and on the other hand, Instagram is also used for branding and marketing. Like many of users use Instagram to make money online like they earn from shoutouts and promoting any company products etc. So Guys Now you see most of the people use Instagram as an entertainment purpose but sometimes you saw som cool videos that you want to save or download not on your android smartphone but you want to download Instagram videos on PC or computer. So we came up with this cool Instagram trick where you can easily download Instagram videos on a computer with simple step by step guide.
On the internet, there are many tutorials and app by using that app you can download Instagram videos on your android smartphone but not on your computer so here its is. If you came here and want to Download Instagram video on android smartphones so we previously posted that article go check it out. Rest of users definitely want to know how they download video on their computer from Instagram. It is pretty cool because many of guys used the computer as their primary machine so they want all type of favorite stuff on their computer as preferred to their smartphones.

Why do People want to Save Instagram Videos on their Computer PC?

Many of people ask me that why people demand you to make the tutorial on that download Instagram videos on computer PC. So guys here is the answer. Many of tech geek guys who love their computer and assume their computer as their primary workstation and they want all the resources on their computer not on their smartphones So they search on google that how to save Instagram videos on computer PC?. So that’s the main reason some people like some videos on Instagram and they want to save to their computer so they watch that video later.

There is much more reason to that people save the Instagram video on their computer PC or Mac computers because they want to use their computer space to save the Instagram video. They have low internal storage on android or they not want to save that video on their android smartphones. In below we demonstrate both ways to download Instagram video like one for computer users and another is for android smartphones users.


    Steps to Download Instagram Videos on your PC / Computer / MAC

    1. Open your web browser and go to a website named DreDown.
    2. On the left side, you see the video services from which you can download videos via DreDown downloader.
    3. Choose Instagram and you see the page like this. Where you need to enter the URL of the Instagram video that you want to download on your computer PC.

    4. Now Paste that link and click “DreDown” and wait for few seconds and you see they ask you that If you want to download as MP4 format or MP3 format click on that.

    5. They opened a new web page and start downloading your Instagram video.

    Steps to Download Instagram Videos onto your Smartphone

    Download Instagram videos on your android smartphone is pretty easy you just need to use third party apps to download Instagram images, videos. I can share some of the good Instagram downloaders that you can easily use it and they download high-quality Instagram video and images on your mobile.
    Am not show you the steps that how you download Instagram images, videos on your smartphone because we already did this post in previous you can check it out.

    Steps to Download Instagram Videos in iPhones

    1. Go to iTune Store and Download InstaSave application from iTunes and install on your iphone and open that App. (iOS version must higher than 6.0)
    2. open the Instagram app and copy the share link of that Instagram video by clicking on the top right corner and choose “copy share URL”.
    3. Now open an InstaSave application and paste the share link in this app and start a download.
    4. Now you are done and this application successfully downloads your Instagram video on apple devices such as Apple iphone 5, 5S, 6, 6S or 7 too. You can use this application on almost all latest apple iPhones.

    Author’s Message:

    Many of people ask me to make the tutorial on how to download Instagram video on a computer so guys check out above steps and this one is the best way to download Instagram video on your computer or on your android smartphone. You can use your windows phone too but you need to use the windows phones web browser to demonstrate the same steps that we show you fro computer.

    If you face any kind of problem in this article please let me know we can solve your problem as soon as possible and if you have any other better solution so you can suggest us too.

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