FIX – “Screen Overlay Detected” Error in Apps on Android Marshmallow !

FIX – “Screen Overlay Detected” Error in Apps on Android Marshmallow !

If your android device running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow so you definitely face “Screen Overlay Detected” issue cause they need some special permission on Marshmallow for security purpose. There are many apps that show that same issue of Screen Overlay detected. Now that time android does not release an update regarding this bug but maybe soon they will wrap it up. Most of the users face this issue with facebook messenger apps but there are much more apps that show the same error. There are the couple of ways to get rid of this issue forever. So we can demonstrate both of the ways.

on some of the devices like one plus 3 and other. they won’t be able to enable the app to cause the option does not work there. So guys we also have the solution to this problem that helps you in an efficient way. You just need to follow these steps and after that, if this first method does not work with your device so try another method to cover up and ger rid of this android issue.

Steps to Fix “ Screen Overlay Detected ” Error in Apps on Android :

  1. Just go to Settings >> Apps >> Tap Top Setting icon and you see some options regarding those apps.
  2. From those option just follow Special Access >> “Draw over other apps” and you will see the next screen.

3. On this Screen, you can see all those apps that require a Draw over other apps so if some of the apps are disabled. Just enable those apps.

4.If apps are already enabled and show Screen Overlay detected then disable and enable it again. you can see in images.

5. When you are on apps page, just choose any app that shows you that issue and tap on it.

6. On the next screen, just enable “Permit drawing over other apps“.

NOTE : If apps are already enabled for “Permit drawing over other apps“ and still show that screen overlay error. So just disable and enable it back to fix this issue.
Currently, Many of devices like Samsung S5, S6, S7 Edge, Samsung J7, One Plus 3, Micromax, LG G5, Moto g4 plus who running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and other popular devices show the same issue. Most of the apps like facebook messenger, paytm, Cheetah Mobile’s CleanMaster issued that error. But you can use this method to get rid of Screen Overlay Detected Issue.

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