How To Hide Apps On Android (Part-2)

How To Hide Apps On Android

Enable privacy on the apps that you have currently installed on your Android mobile with the best ways to hide apps in it with rooted Android and non rooted Android discussed in detail below.

3. Method Using Inbuilt Feature Of Android 5.0+

In latest Android versions like the lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat etc. there is the inbuilt feature by which you can easily hide or say protect apps. So follow the below steps to proceed.
Step 1. First of all, long tap on your Android screen and then click on Settings.

Step 2. Now there scroll down, and you will see the option Protected Apps, just tap on that option.

Step 3. Now you need to draw the pattern to hide the apps to lock them.

Step 4. Now your Android will list all the apps that are currently installed on your device, tap on the apps that you want to hide in your Android.

Step 5. Now just click on save and that’s it! you are done, now the apps will be hidden from the drawer, and you need to enable the Protected Apps option, and that will ask for the saved pattern lock.

4. Using Parallel Space App

This is the another best way that you will surely love to try. Follow the steps below to proceed.

Step 1. First of all, in your Android, you need to download and install the app that is  “Parallel Space” the app that lets you hide app in your device.
Step 2. After you successfully downloaded this app, install the app on your Android device.
Step 3. Now after the installation completes, run the Parallel Space app on your device and click on incognito installation option there.

Step 4. Now you need to search for the app that you want to install and make it hidden.
Step 5. Now play store will open and there you will see that app, just download and install the app from there.

Step 6. Now click on Uninstall option on the prompt you see in the app. Now you have installed the app in parallel space and this can only be accessed in this app and will be hidden from users.

5. Using Go Launcher:

Well, this is a launcher app for your Android device. However, this app also lets users hide apps. Go launcher have a new flat interface design with interactive control experience. Let’s know how to use Go launcher to hide apps.
Step 1. First of all, you need to download and install Go Launcher on your Android smartphone.

Step 2. You will see the screen like below. After that, you need to tap on “Enjoy” to continue.

Step 3. Now open the app drawer and then long press on the app that you want to hide. Now simply drag to an app to “Hide” which is located on the top right corner of your screen.
Step 4. Now you will be asked to set a pin or pattern lock to hide this app. Just, go through the steps. If you need to open the hidden app simply tap on the “Tools” option from your home screen.
Step 5. Now in the next screen, you need to tap on the option “Hide App”
Step 6. Now you need to draw your unlock pattern.
Step 7. Now you will see your hidden app there.
That’s it! You are done, this is how you can hide app using Go launcher.

So above discussion is all about How to Hide Apps on Android Devices. Use the complete guide discussed in the article, and you can easily have privacy in the apps that being currently installed in your Android. Hope you like this guide, do share with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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