How to recover deleted messages and Download all Data from Facebook

How to recover deleted messages and Download all Data from Facebook

Facebook is a social Networking site with over 1.2 Billion users. Facebook allows its users to share and watch photos and videos and chat. Recently Facebook also introduced video call feature in its messenger. Everyone who uses Facebook probably know that He/she can’t recover messages which were deleted accidentally.
In this article I am going to show you how you can recover your deleted messages from Facebook and read them.

You can not only recover deleted messages but you can also download your Photos , videos , ad clicks and even contacts of your phone and even further call and sms history of your mobile phone.

Yes, you got it right. You can even download your phonebook contacts and call and sms history.

Now, The question in your is that ‘ How is this possible ‘?

Well, let me show you back end of the picture. Facebook is not as simple as it looks.

Facebook secretly records all of your data. If you download Facebook app in your smartphone, it will secretly record all data from your phone.

Now without wasting more time I am going to the trick ‘How to recover deleted messages and Download all Data from Facebook’.

This is very very simple. Facebook allow its users to download their all data any time.

To download your data from Facebook, follow the below steps.

Steps to Download Facebook Data:

1. Login to Facebook.
2.Navigate to ‘settings‘ page of your Profile.
3.Go to ‘General Settings‘.
4.At the end of the page you will see ‘Download the copy of your Data‘.
5.Click on it.
6.Now a new page will open. Click on ‘Start my Archive
7.Now Facebook will send you a Email ‘Your Download is ready
8.Simply click on the link given in the mail.
9.Enter your Facebook Password.
10.Downloading will be start.
11. After downloading, extract files from ‘RAR‘.
12. Open in any browser.

So, this was a simple trick about downloading facebook data and recovering deleted messages from facebook. Hope you like it. If you find any difficulty feel free to ask. Don’t forget to share your opinion and share it with friends.

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