What is Hacking? What basic skills are required to be a good Hacker

What is Hacking? What basic skills are required to be a good Hacker?

In today’s world of online communication everybody is getting benefit. But there are always some flaws in the online security of the user. None of the system is 100% safe from bugs. Even big social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn can be hacked.

In this article I am going to talk about Hacking,Hackers and basic skills required for being a good hacker.

What is Hacking?

Hacking can be defined as “stealing one’s personal information/data without their permission by interfering in their computer. A man who steals information is called a ‘Hacker

Essential Terminologies to know in Hacking

There are some basic terminologies a hacker must know to start his Hacking career.

1.Hack value:
This is notation among hackers that something is worth doing. This is value or rank of a hacker in the world of Hacking.
Vulnerability can be defined as the weakness in a system. This weakness may be either in software or hardware. Hacker make use of Vulnerability in a system to penetrate in the system.
This is the method Hackers use to intrude/penetrate in a system.
Payload is that ‘Malicious’ code inside the Exploit.
5.Zero-Day attack
When a hacker finds a new Vulnerability in a system and no one other know about it, that vulnerability/exploit is called Zero-Day attack.
When a Hacker publish some personal information of a individual is called Doxing.
This is software/hardware, when it installs in a system, a hacker can gain access remotely to that system.

Advanced Definition of Hacking:

Hacking is defined as the process where a Hacker make use of the Vulnerabilities/bugs of a system to penetrate/exploit in the system locally/remotely.Hacking can be used to steal and share privaten content of a company or Individual.

Types of Hackers

There are mainly two classes of hackers. But Hackers can be classified into 5 Types.

1. Black Hat Hackers:
These Hackers do the hacking illegally. They steal someone’s personal information and sell them . They can hack computers/Websites/Banks and even your Credit and Debit card.
They are the most talented Hackers on the planet.

2. White Hat Hackers:

These Hackers do the Hacking legally. They are good Hackers. They never harm anyone. They find Vulnerability in a system and fix them. They are hired by different companies for security purposes. White hat Hackers have a huge demand in market and they always get a handsome salary package.

3. Gray Hat Hackers:

These hackers do hacking both legally and legally.

4. Suicide Hackers:

These are the worst hackers and they are very talented. They never care about results. They hack banks and Websites to sell the private information. They are always greed for money.

5. Script Babies:

This is the last type of Hackers. They are new to hacking and they have just some basic skills. They can not do coding by themselves. If they are given codes they can hack small systems. But they are not experts.

Basic skills Required to be Hacker

Well, If you want to be a good hacker they you must have hundreds of skills. But there are some basic skills one must have to start his Hacking career.

1. Run a UNIX like OS, such as LINUX
2. Write HTML code. (must be a HTML expert)
3. Language of programming (Python and C++) Must start with Python they go for C++

4. Hacking attitute (Think creatively , don’t rely on others).

So , this was the small article about Hacking. I covered all basic essentials. Hope you like it. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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